Saturday, June 16, 2012

So fresh and so MINT!

Jumping into a pool, the ocean, or a shower, is not the only way to stay feeling fresh. This summer, mint is cool! So get fresh with it! 

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Elkin Mint Skull Bracelet $70
Seven For All Mankind Mint Super Skinny Gwenevere Pant $210
Vespa Mint Green illustration from Etsy
Diane Von Furstenberg Mint Green Sudan Wedges $175
Mint Vintage Stripe Print Tee $12
Miss Heartbreaker PolkaDot Dress $39
For a bohemian chic look, I would recommend pairing a pair of mint skinny jeans with a lacy blouse, or a top with floral prints. Alternatively, work the romantic look by matching the mint with another pastel color, such as salmon, or a baby yellow. I think these are great combinations that you can only really pull of during the spring and summer months, so I recommend you take advantage!

Feel free to incorporate the minty fresh with one of this season's other trends: bright colors! Whether it be neon, or color blocking, minty green is a tame enough color that you can vavavoom it up with a bright splash of color. My personal favorites? Black & mint for a more sophisticated look, maybe more appropriate for the office, and bright pink & mint for a more playful, fun, summer look that is sure to show off your extra color.

While these are a great way to get a subtle minty flavor, don't hold back from the "total look." Mint Green is a subtle enough color in and of it self, so you can wear it head to toe, either in the form of a maxi-dress, or perhaps a pair of mint green skinny jeans with a mint green polka dot blouse. I would recommend that if you do take this route, you add a splash of color, or contrast with your accessories; sunglasses, purse, jewelry, shoes, watch or belt.

I'll keep you posted on what I pair with my favorite mints. Please share yours too!

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