Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bohemian Beach

One of my favorite pastimes during the summer is to wander through local markets and discover vendors that are unique to the place that I am visiting. A particular favorite is the row of vendors that set up booths along the cobbled stone streets, and on the square near the mosque in downtown Alacati.
Alacati is a small beach town in the South-West of Turkey. I like to refer to it as "Surf City, Turkey" and am proud to call it home.


What connects this small fishing, surfing, beach community to fashion, is not only its stylish and famous frequenters, but also the unique art, architecture, and native jewelry.

While you can find anything from beaded jewelry, to more conventional pieces, what really stands out to me are the beautiful creations that merge fabric, metal, leather, and other textures.

Without fail, every year I pick up a few new pieces from the handful of locals who set up their booths every day from July through September. They are a great way to add a splash of color to an airy white sun dress, or to add a bohemian flair to cut off denims and a tank.

Here are a couple of favorites from my collection..

I absolutely love the colors in the fabric and the texture that is created with the braiding of the fabric.

I picked up this gem a couple of summers ago. The beautiful white silk is detailed with beautiful stones of a variety of sizes and colors, some golden clasps to break up the fabric, and some colorful embroidery. I like to loosely drape it around my neck to wear it as a neckpiece, and also like to use it as belt to add an edge to cut off denims.

These pieces take me to a place of serenity; where the salt air feels my lungs, and the sand blows in my hair..

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