Friday, June 15, 2012

Sizzling Summa..

I'm heading to the beach today for the first time this season! Breaking in the beach season if you will! Whether you will be enjoying the sun's rays on an exotic island, a local beach, or the closest pool, make sure you do your summer loving in style!

If you are at a loss for what the bikini trends are for this summer, you're in the right place. For starters, we're in luck ladies; there are a vast array of styles and trends this summer so I am confident that we can all find something that works with our own personal sense of style, and comfort zone.

Here are some key words for summer 2012: metallic, tie-dye, ruffles, fringe, vintage, one-shoulder. Now let's take a look one by one..

1. I hold Rihanna responsible for this trend, and I absolutely love her for it! I have my fringe bikini packed and ready to go! Additional bits such as a fringe, can add weight to that part of the body, so this is perfect for girls like me who are smaller up top.

2. This stunning bandeau bikini pays hommage to the metallic/mermaid influenced trend. Very bond girl if you ask me, and sure to catch the eye!

3. It wouldn't be a revival of the 80s without a little tie-dye. If you don't feel comfortable adding it to your day-to-day or office wardrobe, why not have some fun on the beach with it? This little number also incorporates the ruffle trend.

4. For bustier ladies, who might be nervous about the support of a regular bandeau bikini: the solution has arrived in the form of the gorgeous one-shoulder bikini. Nervous about tan lines? Simply pull the strap down when you are laying out.

5. Vintage bikinis, in my opinion, are pure genius. They were created to stylistically and structurally sculpt our bodies to look like we are all pin up girls! Definitely a good choice if you want to accentuate your curves.

6. As you saw from my previous post, gold is a big trend for this fall. But don't be afraid to be ahead of the trend game by rocking a metallic gold bikini like this gorgeous piece, to perfectly transition from a summer to a fall trend.

For all you bargain hunters, keep in mind that the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale started on Tuesday (June 12th) and they carry most of these trends at affordable prices! I recommend that you get in to a store, or online, and snag a few staple items...both for the bedroom, and the beach.. ;)

Remember life is a beach, so play in the sand!

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